Accessible Classrooms

April 1 and 2 Presentation Information

Here is the PowerPoint presentation that we used to demonstrate the programs (Talking Word Processor, SMART Ideas 5, Microsoft Speak, and WordQ 3). I have also added extra slides that contain most of the information that we gave verbally, such as the suggested order to begin implementing the programs in, ideas on types of uses and lessons which these particular programs work best, tips and tricks to get the students to buy-in, etc. Be sure to look at the notes section of the slides (located just beneath the slide, at the bottom of your screen) as this is where we included many of our trouble-shooting tips. I also combined the instructions on how to download WordQ for home use, to the end of the presentation (now you only have to use just this file to get all your help!)

Click on this to be taken directly to the download page: Download the Accessible Classrooms presentation
Word Q is a Ministry licensed software that is accessible to every student in the Grand Erie District school board. If is on all of our computers including the netbooks. This is a text to speech software with word predict that allows students to hear back their work as well as use a word predictor as they are creating a document. This program works as a side to most programs. I say most because I am not sure if it will work with all. It is also helpful for reading the internet to students. For the steps to set up this for each student, please go to:

Word Q at home, please go to:

Helpful hints: