Primary/Junior - Grade 3 & 4 Ed Tech Resources

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Play To Learn Session:

Windows in the Classroom provides information on Windows 8.1 and OneNote, Microsoft's version of a "virtual binder" that allows you to organize a variety of documents - electronically!

This is the PDF of our presentation.

Presenting in the Classroom

  • Bitstrips
  • Comic Life
  • Glogster
  • Powerpoint

Literacy in the Classroom

Digital Story Telling

Communicating in the Classroom

  • Windows Movie Maker
  • Voki

Collaboration Session:

Windows in the Classroom (Part 2) includes lots of great resources for using your tablet with Office 365, Microsoft Word and Microsoft OneNote for planning, writing, sharing, revising, and publishing.

World Wide Classrooms

Learn how Twitter, Blogging, and Skype can connect your students with other classes (near and far) and how you can benefit from the professional learning taking place on Twitter.

Accessible Classrooms

Learn how Assistive Technology tools can be used to support all of your students, including those with academic needs. Tools you can access on the tablets include WordQ, Dragon, Premier, Popplet, and SMART Ideas.

Blended Classrooms

D2L (Part 2) will continue to explore the possibilities of blended learning including tools such as newsfeeds, calendar, course content, quizzes, dropbox, and discussion forums.

Curation in the Classroom

It's tough to try to keep track of online resources such as websites, blogs, social media, and other informational text. It's also easy for your students to get bogged down with endless lists of resources while completing online research. Learn about and Pinterest and how they can help you and your students gather, organize, interpret and present information.