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Play To Learn Workshop

Windows in the Classroom

Windows in the Classroom includes lots of great information on Windows 8 and OneNote, Microsoft's best kept secret that acts as a "binder" for all your electronic organizational needs.

Presenting in the Classroom

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Tons of great resources to help your students make awesome presentations - no more Bristol board! Check out the Presenting in the Classroom page for more info and resources on all the tools listed here.

Bitstrips is a wonderful web-based tool for creating comic strips and allows for collaboration online.
Comic Life is great OSAPAC licensed software for making comics, posters, "how-to's", picture albums, 'cards'.
PowerPoint is a household name in presentation software that can help your students make beautiful slide shows.
Prezi is like PowerPoint, but animated. It allows students to collaborate from multiple accounts to create interactive presentations.
Glogster - a 'digital' version of the old 'stand-by' - the paper poster. Allows students to use photographs, descriptions and videos in a collage format.
Popplet - an excellent brainstorming and mind-mapping tool that allows for multiple users to collaborate building a shared 'popplet.'

Digital Storytelling in the Classroom

bates-livemoviemaker.gif bates-audacity_icon.png bates-Frames5.gif bates-photoStory3.gif
Windows Live Movie Maker is easy to use video editing software to help students create impressive, polished movies.
Audacity is open source software that allows students to easily create audio tracks, combining narration, sound effects, and music.
Frames 5 is OSAPAC licensed software that allows students to create entertaining slide shows using still images, titles, and narration. They can also create their own graphics with the built in drawing tools and add animation - pans, zooms, motion paths.
Photo Story 3 is a slide show program that will allow your students to quickly and easily create Digital Stories using pictures, text, and audio in the form of narration and background music.

Communicating in the Classroom

Screencasting - narrate the action on your screen, create how-to videos and illustrated narrative texts
Voki - using Voki, students can create their own talking character from their favourite novel, an historical figure, an animal, or even their own personal avatar.
VoiceThread is a collaborative, multimedia slide show that holds images, documents, and videos and allows users to leave comments using voice, text, audio, or video files.
Remind101 - A one-way, free texting service that allows teachers to communicate with students and parents.

Blended Classrooms

Blended Learning in Desire2Learn (D2L) - learn about using the VIRTUAL CLASSROOM that has all the tools you'll find a typical face to face classroom. D2L is the Learning Management System (LMS) licensed by the Ministry of Ontario for use in school boards across the province. Almost half of all Grand Erie high school students are actively using D2L for some of their courses (as of March, 2014).
Learning Commons - Resources for Research and Collaboration - Check this out for information on GEDSB purchased access to databases for student research.

Collaboration Workshop

Windows in the Classroom

Windows in the Classroom (Part 2) includes lots of great resources for using your tablet with Office 365, Microsoft Word and Microsoft OneNote for planning, writing, sharing, revising, and publishing.

World Wide Classrooms

Learn how Twitter, Blogging, and Skype can connect your students with other classes (near and far) and how you can benefit from the professional learning taking place on Twitter.

Accessible Classrooms

Learn how Assistive Technology tools can be used to support all of your students, including those with academic needs. Tools you can access on the tablets include WordQ, Dragon, Premier, Popplet, and SMART Ideas.

Blended Classrooms

D2L (Part 2) will continue to explore the possibilities of blended learning including tools such as newsfeeds, calendar, course content, quizzes, dropbox, and discussion forums.

Curation in the Classroom

It's tough to try to keep track of online resources such as websites, blogs, social media, and other informational text. It's also easy for your students to get bogged down with endless lists of resources while completing online research. Learn about Storify, Pinterest and Wordpress and how they can help you and your students gather, organize, interpret and present information.

Videos in the Classroom

Vlogs (video blogs) are a great resource for collecting students' ideas and promoting creativity. Learn about some popular YouTube channels, TED Talks, and how your students can MAKE videos using the tablets to share their learning with others.

Epson BrightLink - for help using your Epson BrightLink Interactive Projector, see our Ed Tech Guide under "Projectors".